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Increase Your Visibility With Google+

If you’re not using Google+ already, you’re missing out.

Many people have been slow to embrace Google+, sure it’s yet another platform to post to but its integration with the rest of Google means there are a tonne of new opportunities for online marketers.

The Social Media Examiner has a great guide to doing Google+ right, but here are the Cliff Notes:

1: Include Key Links in Your Introduction

Google+ gives you plenty of opportunities to not only include links to your pages, but surround those links with text to drive visitors to click on those links.

2: Optimize Posts for Google Search Results

If someone follows your Google+ profile or page, they’re more likely to see your posts in Google search results – also a good reason to grow your Google+ following.

3: Schedule Consistent Updates to Your Profile and Page

Many social media management tools won’t allow you to post to Google+ but, good news – Online Marketing Dashboard does!

4: Use Google+ as Your Business Page

Google+ has another big advantage over other platforms – the ability to interact more as your business.

5: Create or Join a Community

Communities are a great place to gain credibility and visibility. High-quality followers make all the difference.

6: Create Collections to Organize Posts by Topic

More and more, people are using social media pages like websites. This means that they are less likely to follow your page even though they may visit it several times. The trick here is to organise information so that it’s clear that your page has a lot to offer them – encouraging them to follow.