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Online Marketing Dashboard Reputation and Visibility Engagement System

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Our mission at Online Marketing Dashboard is to help local businesses generate more sales by leveraging the latest internet, social media and mobile marketing technologies. With the rapid changing pace of technology, we know that it can feel overwhelming. So we make it easy by providing a one-stop-shop for creating and implementing a proven digital marketing strategy that helps to drive traffic, capture leads and generate sales. Our team includes certified project managers and solution architects to ensure the timely delivery of effective and affordable services.

Engagement with your customer is essential for business growth. To engage with your customers, you need the tools to get it right –- the right web site, the right message and the right distribution methodology so your customers hear from you on their terms. Thru our Reputation and Visibility Engagement System (ONLINE MARKETING DASHBOARD), you will build a business with fully engaged customers who buy, talk and support your products or services.

Our ONLINE MARKETING DASHBOARD technology expands on this effort by increasing your business visibility while monitoring the social networks to ensure you know where you stand and helping you to build a great market reputation.

In today’s market, with information available to everyone, everywhere, your Visibility is critical. We measure your visibility score and is based on two pieces of information: 1) the frequency of your appearance on major search sites and 2) the accuracy of the information listed.

But being visible isn’t enough. To build your customer base, that information needs to be managed effectively. Your Reputation is your Brand. We work with you to track your online reputation on blogs, social networks, review sites and elsewhere. We make sure the right actions are taken to make sure your brand reputation is a great one.
The end result – a business with highly engaged customers who are sticky (loyal to your business), invested (buy more products) and, perhaps most important, ambassadors who talk-up your business with friends, neighbors and colleagues.

At Online Marketing Dashboard, it’s not just the tools we bring or the ideas we have – it’s the process that brings together powerful tools with your quality business in a way that works in today’s socially driven market.


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