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Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management is crucial for businesses looking to maintain a positive image on the internet. What people are saying about a company or its brands has a huge impact on its marketing and sales.  Businesses have always had to manage their reputation, all that has changed is the velocity at which information is transmitted and the number of people that are reached by that information. We are a society in search of trust. The less we find, the more more precious it becomes. Along with technology and innovation, trust is one of the most powerful forces in business today. In today's digital marketplace; trust is the foundation of a business's online reputation. 

To define online reputation management, it is the administration and supervision controlling the  online reputation and visibility of a company. It is a Public Relations exercise, which has gained a completely new dimension in the age of internet and social media. It is especially important as it affects the SEO of a website. Hence, it is important that the reputation of a company, its brands and products be managed skillfully.

What is the Need for Online Reputation Management Services?

Online Reputation management services step in to fortify and garner a business's online reputation. If you are wondering why a business would need someone to manage their image online, then consider this – an average user of Facebook has about 200 friends. If a user talks about your product its potential audience is 200 people. Each of these 200 people has 200 other friends. If only 5% of the potential audience pays attention to the post or comment made by one user the chances of the message travelling to thousands of users within hours is quite real. It is like a ripple in the pond. Throw one stone and soon the entire pond is affected. So you need to be careful of what your customers and your potential customers, are saying about you. Also, you need to take advantage of your online reputation which is not an easy job. With so many touch points including reviews, social media channels, blogs and more; consumers simply control conversations on the internet. Customer comments are gold. The online reputation management challenge is to incorporate your customers as part of your marketing team.  This is why you need a professional to manage your most important asset – your reputation!

What Makes a Good Online Reputation?

People trust traditional advertising far less than social recommendations and review sites. Customers view this user generated content as more genuine and authentic, expecting them to mirror the actual customer experience. This means that maintaining your business's online reputation is getting increasingly more important.

Having an online presence and a good reputation go hand in hand. Not being listed on a reference site customers use is just as bad as having bad reviews somewhere else. When many of a business’s online profiles have user generated content like reviews, their reputation drives tangible results. You need to maximize visibility and reputation simultaneously, building off the genuine customer experience. 

Building a consistent online presence and a positive reputation is important for both consumers and search engines. Some of the most important aspects of the online footprint include:

• Number of listings
• Consistency of listing information (name, address, phone)
• Overall sentiment in reviews
• Frequency or current velocity of new reviews
• Overall volume of reviews
• Social activity and engagement (especially with reviewers)

Nearly 95% of smartphone users have looked for local information online. Google has reported that nine out of 10 of those searches lead to action, and more than 50% lead to sales. Much of the time, a customer decides to purchase before even entering the store. If a business has a good web presence, customers will come to them rather than their competitor. This includes local listings in order to be found; reputation management in order to be chosen, and; social products for word of mouth. Once they’re in the store, 79% use their smartphones inside to look at reviews, compare prices and other metrics, and 74% of them end up making a purchase. Of course, you know all this—the trend has been obvious for years and it’s likely (significantly) changed your buying habits.                                                         Those numbers make the opportunity clear: maintain a good online reputation, get people in the door and make sales.

Reputation management is an ongoing process. Search engines base their finding on several parameters and this includes real time news, social media comments or feedbacks, and algorithmic changes. It is important to keep abreast with these online factors that influence the reputation and keep on top of them at all times.

How to Manage Online Reputation

Online Marketing Dashboard has a solution that involves instant automatic notification of all reviews so they can be engaged with immediately. Our system also offers a process in which to acccumulate more positive reviews from your clients and automatically post those positive reviews on internet review websites and social media pages.

There are major Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits to having more positive reviews online. Online Marketing Dashboard's Online Reputation Marketing Management System helps you increase and promote positive online reviews at the same time notifies and helps minimize negative online reviews. Managing a successful online reputation can be time consuming. You can use products, services or people to cut down on time expenditure, but whatever you do, maintaining the online presence of a business is one of the most worthwhile investments you can make. Of course, one of the most vital aspects of managing any online reputation is getting, monitoring, responding to and amplifying online reviews. A lot of present day business activities are internet oriented, this fact makes it essential to manage the reputation online. Blogs, tweets, posts and other social media now have more impact that the conventional media and news reports. The news on the social media travels faster and farther too. It is therefore important to contain any problem from escalating far enough to damage your reputation.

We provide a complete reputation and visibilty branding solution for all your online reputation needs. Consumer comments matter and we specialize in consumer control conversations that generate positive comments.