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Jump On The Viral Bandwagon Early With Ruzzit

Ruzzit is one of our new favorite inspirations for content.

Ruzzit basically ranks content based on how much it is being shared and interacted with. Say, for example, that I’m looking for content related to investing for my site – I simply search the term ‘scuba’ and a list of posts will be generated, each with an overall virality score. Each post will also have information about how it has performed on each social media platform – facebook, linkedin, pinterest etc.

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This allows you to find content that is:

  • Already viral but might not have made it to your networks yet
  • Has just started to go viral
  • Went viral already but is still performing.

This last point is really useful because it means you can capitalize on super-viral content that will keep doing several rounds on social media – don’t ever assume that everyone has already seen it.

So, head over to Ruzzit and get searching!