Like The Look Of A Website? Here’s How To Get It.

No need to try to rebuild a website from scratch.

It’s fairly common practise to send your developer a few examples of websites that you like the look of or, if you’re building it yourself, to try and mimic the style you like. This is a super slow process and it’s often difficult to get exactly what you want. Rest assured, though, because there’s a brilliant way to find out EXACTLY what theme a site is using.

Website theme

Introducing, WP Theme Detector. This simple site lets you plug in the address of a website you like and it’ll tell you which WordPress theme is being used. Admittedly, if the site is hosted with service such as Squarespace or Wix, this won’t be any help, but I’ve found that most searches came up with gold.

WP Theme Detector will not only tell you the name of the theme being used, but the provider of the theme, the popularity of that provider, a demo of the theme and a list of plugins used by the site. Gold, I tell you!