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The nuts and bolts of online mentions

After setting up a list of custom searches based on relevant keywords, our software combs through all corners of the internet and compiles everything being said about a business. Forget having to seek these people out — we’ll bring them straight to your local business customers.

The best mention searches are ones most applicable to your business. If you’re selling a particular product, be sure to plug it’s name into the search criteria to see what customers think. Are you the business owner? Mentions are a perfect way to track whether you’re making the headlines. It’s even possible to keep an eye on the competition!

What’s more, our sentiment feature will determine the tone of the mention, making it easier to establish if a customer was satisfied or not. From that point on, it’s up to the business whether they engage with their consumers.

When researching a product online, consumers are more likely to be swayed by third-party opinions than any official review or branded content.3 Thus, businesses need to ensure that they have a means of tracking all this chatter and, with Online Marketing Dashboard’s mentions monitoring software, this couldn’t be simpler.

  • Find out what’s being said about you online, in places you wouldn’t expect
  • Instantly know whether the commentary is positive or negative
  • Engage with customers beyond the official channels
  • Take negative feedback as points for business improvement
  • Gain a better understanding of who your customers are